Impression of Maleficent

This week I got the privilige of witnessing a group interpretation of Maleficent. I thought it was fantastic the actords were really good and I really felt the emotions they were trying to convey. The group that did the interpretation was incredible since they had no props what so ever. I was expecting a sappy love story between a fairy and a human that would end tragically but I wassurpsrised that it went into a totally different direction. The actual storyline was a fairy ruler that fell in love with a human theif that betrayed her so he could become king of the human kingdom and Maleficent, the fairy ruler, placed a curse on his newborn daughter. Maleficent later starts to love the human king’s daughter and saves her from the curse. My favorite part of the Group Interpretation was when Maleficent crowned the human King’s daughter as the uniter of human and fairy nations because it warmed my heart.


I took the PLAN test this last Tuesday and it was surprisingly easy compared to what I thought it would be. The practice tests and reviews that I did in my classes and online really helped, they prepared for what was coming. A technique that really helped me in the English and Reading section was to look at the questions first then look at the content, it helped me focus on what to look for and what to do. If you do take the PLAN test next year I suggest going over the basics in math and english and brush up on your reading and science skills. Also do not stay up on the night for the test it will wreck your ability to process anything and make you super tired. If I could do anything differently I would bring a few extra snacks and a drink with me just in case i would get hungry or thristy after the test.

Advice for Future High School Students


What I have learned from almost of two years of attending high school is that oneshould not expect that high school isn’t going to be like middle school but it is but just with more homework and a lot more peopleand worse food in the cafeteria; if you have not friends in your class talk to the people are you and try to make friends with them you would be surprised with who you might friends with. Also don’t just get the SparkNotes but also read the book aswell there are more details and it is nice to challenge yourself sometimes and read something that you think is insanely boring or really boring. Sleep trust me,sleep is more important that tweeting about a black/blue or white/gold dress or other random stuff and night blogging on tumblr that keps you awake until three in the morning. The upperclassmen won’t hurt you so go make friends with them they are actually really really nice and could guide you through high school with their extensive knowledge.