Reflection After Job Shadowing / Future Career MultiMedia Presentations

What I learned from my job shadowing experience is what career i want to pursue and what type of education is required for that career. After completing the job shadowing experience I realized that the career I want is to be an IT technician at any big company. I want to be an IT technician because I love to be around technology and I like to problem solve, which is what an IT technician job requires one to like. One needs to have a bachelor’s degree in some sort of engineering that relates to IT work like networking, computer science or, electronics. One also requires many certificates that certify that one know how to handle security, networking and, electronics. I think that I did well on my job shadowing presentation, I was proud that I explained things well and I could have done better with my speaking technique because I felt that I paused and stuttered and that affected the quality of my presentation. Some new presentation techniques that I could incorporate into my next presentation is to add interesting and enthralling graphics and keep words on the slide minimal but still explain them thoroughly as well as keeping text on the slide big and minimal as other students have done with their own presentation. What I could have changed about my presentation is that I could have picked better graphics as my current graphics as they were basic and boring. I could have also prepared better for the presentation by practicing my presentation beforehand and prepping myself for the presentation as I have some stage fright. I wish I would have practiced my presentation beforehand to prepare myself and get rid of my jitters, I also wish that I did not procrastinate to finish the presentation as I would have produced a better quality and length presentation. The easiest part of the presentation was to explain why I wanted to go into the IT career because it is really easy to express why you want to get a job in the career you want. The hardest part of the presentation was to actually go up and stand in front of the class and present my presentation I was was hard because I have anxiety and I have horrible stage fright. Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I would like to do this again to try and get a better grade and I feel that I did really well on this presentation and I can not wait to see what grade I received. I also would like to suggest that students should not be able to put the specific time that they went to job shadow just to add a slide to their presentation and add time as well.

Mock Interview Reflection The

When I was interviewing two other classmates I felt like I was in control of everything. Being in the perspective of the interviewer i fell that I will be prepared for an interview because I will know how they will act and what questions they will ask.

When my classmate interviewed me I felt nervous, jittery and anxious. I felt this way because I did not know what to expect what questions my classmate would ask.

I felt that my responses were adequate but I stumbled a bit and I felt that I could improve by stuttering less. The question that I felt that was easy was where how well I worked in a group and the hardest question was where I was asked why I was the best candidate for the job. It was hard because I had to say only good things about myself and not dis the other mock candidates.

Some advice I would give to whoever may  do this mock interview next would be that you don’t need tostress its really really easy. This will also help you prepare you for a real interview since it is almost similar to a real interview.

This mock interview would help me prepare for a real interview because it would prepare me for the experience and the questions. One should dress just the right amount not too causal but not too dressy. One should always bring their resume to the interview to show the employer you are ready for the job.

The mock interviews are a really good idea to help people prepare for real life interviews. One way this activity could be improved is that there should be more questions for the interviewer could ask. I think that this skill is could really helpful in real life because it could help me be more prepared for interviews.


Current News Reflection

In Baltimore the top prosecutor plans to file charges against the police officers that had Freddie Gray in their custody and dealt spinal injuries which he later died of. The polices officers face chargs ranging from second-degree murder to assault. The illegal arrest and detainment of Freddie Gray sparked protests against the police, the protesters demanded that the police officers that detained Gray face justice and go to jail. President Obama responded to questions during a press meeting saying that the ey do notlegal process should run it’s course. The reporterwriting this article seems neutral as they do not insert their political views or opinions into the article. I think that the article is exciting as the police officers illegaly arresting Freddie Gray for a legal pocket knife and later injuring Freddie Gray will finally face justice that they deserve. Now that you know the story what do you think of it? Do you the police officers that arrested Freddie Gray deserve what the legal system gives them or should they get a harsher punishment? Why do you think the police officers arrested him? Was the arrest raccially motivated or were they really ‘doing’ their jobs? I do think that this news is real as there are riots of the mistreatment of black people being arrested and killed for no reason.


History of Monopoly

The board game Monopoly was originally invented in the United States in 1903 to show the evils of land ownership. The purpose of Monopoly was created by Elizabeth J. Magie Phillips to demonstrate the single-tax theory by Henry George. The intentional use of the game was to show the negative aspects of concentrating land in private monopolies. The original game was called the “Landlord’s Games”. After Phillips took out a patent for her game many variations an spin-offs came into existence, the most popular and well known spin-off manufactured by the Parker Brothers game company in 1935 named Monopoly. Afterwards the game was used to teach the aspects the capitalism to youth. Monopoly is made up of a board the players go around using little characters and rolling dice and collecting money when landing on a space and claiming it using title deeds to signify land ownership and hotelsand houses to show how many times someone has landed on the property and increased the profit of it, the supply of houses and hotels are finite. Many different special edition  themes of monopoly have been made usually special promotions for movies, organizations, brands, pop culture, different video games, books, comic books, cartoons, candy, special dates or historical figures.3

Reflection on 60 Second Shakespeare Script and Performance

Last week my class read and analyzed a Shakespearean drama named Twelfth Night and then we watched a movie version of Twelfth Night and analyzed that as well. Then I was paired up with four of classmates to produce a 60 second version of the fifth act of the play. We reviewed out act for a day and planned what we would do and who would be acting as the characters which was incredibly as we only had to condense only a few pages of lines into 60 seconds. I was graciously given the act of Malvolio, a cynical head servant for a wealthy noble woman who gets tricked by some of his acquaintances into thinking that she loved him and he made a fool of himself by professing his love towards his noblewoman employer. The act we had to act out is where Duke Orsino and Lady Olivia, wealthy aristocrats, finally meet up and find out that they were not meant for each other. My group work efficiently and fast and had a great time doing the assignment. We could have had a leader that would’ve directed us to get things done but we all worked together to get tasks done. To prepare for the performance we simply just practiced what to do until we got everything down. I was excited participated and it actually went quite well as no one stuttered or paused. I recently watched a recording of my group’s performance,  and it was awesome, though we could have talked louder as I could barely us. Our group did the best as we got the most applause because of the insults being thrown around near the end of our performance. Other groups were good but they we less coordinated then our group and the messed around in the middle of their performance. I would have loved if we did the performances in the little theatre because of its atmosphere would have made it the perfect place to perform.

Images that represent me

Commenting Tips

Pro: Be nice and be descriptive and say your true feelings about what you are commenting about.

Con: Don’t write two words or something basic like “good job” or “Nice”.

Impression of Maleficent

This week I got the privilige of witnessing a group interpretation of Maleficent. I thought it was fantastic the actords were really good and I really felt the emotions they were trying to convey. The group that did the interpretation was incredible since they had no props what so ever. I was expecting a sappy love story between a fairy and a human that would end tragically but I wassurpsrised that it went into a totally different direction. The actual storyline was a fairy ruler that fell in love with a human theif that betrayed her so he could become king of the human kingdom and Maleficent, the fairy ruler, placed a curse on his newborn daughter. Maleficent later starts to love the human king’s daughter and saves her from the curse. My favorite part of the Group Interpretation was when Maleficent crowned the human King’s daughter as the uniter of human and fairy nations because it warmed my heart.


I took the PLAN test this last Tuesday and it was surprisingly easy compared to what I thought it would be. The practice tests and reviews that I did in my classes and online really helped, they prepared for what was coming. A technique that really helped me in the English and Reading section was to look at the questions first then look at the content, it helped me focus on what to look for and what to do. If you do take the PLAN test next year I suggest going over the basics in math and english and brush up on your reading and science skills. Also do not stay up on the night for the test it will wreck your ability to process anything and make you super tired. If I could do anything differently I would bring a few extra snacks and a drink with me just in case i would get hungry or thristy after the test.

Advice for Future High School Students


What I have learned from almost of two years of attending high school is that oneshould not expect that high school isn’t going to be like middle school but it is but just with more homework and a lot more peopleand worse food in the cafeteria; if you have not friends in your class talk to the people are you and try to make friends with them you would be surprised with who you might friends with. Also don’t just get the SparkNotes but also read the book aswell there are more details and it is nice to challenge yourself sometimes and read something that you think is insanely boring or really boring. Sleep trust me,sleep is more important that tweeting about a black/blue or white/gold dress or other random stuff and night blogging on tumblr that keps you awake until three in the morning. The upperclassmen won’t hurt you so go make friends with them they are actually really really nice and could guide you through high school with their extensive knowledge.